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New to the City of Discovery, Dundee Money Action is a project focused on helping people with money problems. If you've got debt trouble, are struggling to heat your home, or finding it tough to save cash, then help is at hand.

Dundee Money Action will work with you if you have any concerns about your money. With one to one guidance and a positive plan, we provide an opportunity to get alongside you and help deal with your money worries.

Funded by Big Lottery Fund and European Social Funds, a partnership of local organisations is delivering this project with a target of the same end goal: To help the people of Dundee.

If you're on a low income, out of work, or a lone parent, one of our Financial Support Officers can work with you in depth to find the route required and help you find the best solutions. They can assist you long term to tackle your financial situation, not just at the time but in the long run, so that you can continue to be money aware after speaking to us.

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